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  • Gain a competitive advantage 
  • ​Connect with customers for lasting loyalty
  • ​Attract repeat customers and grow profits

Discover the route to lasting profits and attracting fiercely loyal customers for your unique business. Join us today, and get access to proven strategies for doing business online.
Tina Rogers, Communications Guru & Chief StoryTeller 

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Launch / grow your business with confidence

Supercharge growth. Take control of your success. Harness the power of expert communicating and story-telling. 
We show you how.


Decide your niche, research your customers, be authentic, and launch from a solid foundation - full of integrity

Guidance on how to get started 


Broadcast the unique advantages your business offers to your perfect customers. Use the best media formats, in your style

How to tell your story digitally


By offering maximum value  and building trust with loyal customers for long-term profitable relationships

Business building coaching and guidance

Ready to control your own destiny?

Stand out, win trust, and make profits sooner with an effective online strategy. Connect with me and I will keep you up to date with information you can use.

Client Success Stories

Heather Carter, UK

"Tina is an inspiration to the world of business. She is creative, and intently focused on delivering successful projects, Engaging Tina in your business will not only create success for your organization, you will also have a unique opportunity to be educated by this amazing lady's business skills."

Paul Leavoy, Canada

"Tina's skill as a promoter, writer and public relations expert are unparalleled. She is a hard worker who demonstrates a passion for her work and care for her clients. All of my exchanges with Tina have been forthright, organized and straightforward. Her creative approach to communications shows that she places a priority on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. Further, she can be counted on to provide quality results on a tight time schedule."

Marilyn Harding, Greece

"Tina has truly integrated all her skills of Public Relations, Media, Cultural Savvy, and as a Natural Networker. Her focus is incisive, upbeat, and fresh! She saved me $16,000 the first week  I started working with her. Tina also follows the win/win principle of effective collaboration. I heartily endorse all her endeavours and value her as a colleague and, now, friend."

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Get ahead now: Discover the benefits of using our expertise, and unlock your business potential

Tina Rogers and her small dedicated team understand that your own business journey is unique. We tailor guidance to your specific needs whether you have a product, a service or a digital offering to bring to your audience. We will hold your hand and help guide you through the digital landscape.

During the last four decades, Tina has worked with tiny start-ups, medium sized businesses and 400,000 employee companies - from chefs, accountants, authors, hat makers, cooking schools, olive oil producers, artists, and many more to huge international businesses. She  completed an MBA and Master of Management along the way.

She provided them all with valued business growth results... because she:-
excels in cost-effective ways to reach the right customers
knows how to create the right messages
designs compelling stories 
builds relationships based on trust, and
shows how to bring in $$$. 

How to get to the next level

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